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Yet another video input interface for Mercedes S-Class W220. Useful for rear view camera installation.

The interface is for MOST-based COMANDs. It will not work on widescreen D2B based COMANDs.

Price: USD 190.

Car video interface for Mercedes-Benz W220 allows connection and usage of external video devices such as DVD player, TV tuner, rear view camera, etc. on your built-in monitor.


  • Composite video (CVBS) input (external video source) x 2
  • Composite video (CVBS) input (rear camera source - automatically switchable) x 1
  • Analog RGB input (car commander original monitor output) x 1
  • Analog RGB input (aftermarket navigation system output) (option) x 1


  • Composite video (CVBS) output (video out for headrest monitor installation) x 1
  • RGB output (to W220 COMAND) x 1
  • Audio select output x 1

Switch input mode:

  • Possible to mute each input by operating DIP switches.
  • Possible to switch input source with remote control or toggle switch.
  • Rear view camera mode - rear view camera is switched on when the vehicle is reversing (not possible to switch to the rear mode with the toggle or the remote control).

Package Contents

RGB converter.
RGB board with flat cables.
Remote control.
Power cable.
Mode switch button. Connects to port "SEL (OUT)".
RGB out cable. IR sensor cable.
Selected mode output cable.
RGB in cable.

RGB Converter

Universal RGB converter LE top side.jpg

Universal RGB converter LE.jpg

Universal RGB converter LE bottom side.jpg

Dimensions: horizontal - 129mm, vertical - 75mm, height - 21mm.


This port is used to connect power cable with fuse box.

Power cable and fuse box.
Fuse box open.

RGB converter accepts input power: 8V~18V DC. Power consumption max 5 watt. Installed fuse has 5A 250V rating. Measured power consumption around 230mA (2.7W) of current, therefore, it should not be left connected directly to the battery. It is safe to connect the interface to ignition wire (e.g., cigarette lighter wire) since if not connected to power source, the COMAND will work in pass-through mode acting as if multimedia interface is not installed.

Wire Description
not connected
read ACC (power)
gray REV GEAR LAMP (activates rear view camera input)
blue FMTX antenna (???)
orange I-Drive (???)
black GND (ground)


This port is used to connect video input source toggle switch.

Universal RGB converter LE mode switch cable.png

AV source switching order: OEM - RGB - AV1 - AV2.

Note that rear camera av source is not switchable using input source switching. As a workaround the rear camera can be connected also to CVBS1 or CVBS2.

Note that RGB converter makes loud clicking noise when switching between sources.


This port is used to connect infrared receiver for the remote control. For the 4-pin connector only 3 pins are used.

Infrared cable.

Remote Control

Remote control. Size:85*40*8 (mm).
Key Function
POWER Not used
PIP Not used
MENU OSD implementation
OK Make selection
UP Move upward
DOWN Move downward
LEFT Move leftward (press 2 seconds long - factory mode implementation)
RIGHT Move rightward (press 2 seconds long - factory mode implementation and reset)

Remote control is powered by CR2025 battery.

In practice only the "OK" button works, which switches between video sources (the same way as the toggle switch).


This port is used to connect the first video input (CVBS1).


This port is used to connect the second video input (CVBS1).


This port is used to connect the rear view camera video input.


This port outputs currently selected video input. Can be used to send currently displayed video to headrest monitor.


This port is used to connect navigation input (analog RGB).

NAVI in cable.
Wire Description
not connected
not connected
black GND
white SYNC
blue B DATA
green G DATA
red R DATA


This port is used to connect original video input (analog RGB).

OEM in cable.
Wire Description
black GND
white SYNC
blue B DATA
green G DATA
red R DATA


This port connects to the RGB interface installed in W220 COMAND. The package comes with additional universal RGB connector (not needed for multimedia interface use with COMAND).

RGB out cable.
Wire Description
blue B DATA
green G DATA
red R DATA
while SYNC
black GND
yellow ACC
orange VIDEO S/W
not connected


DIP switch allows to skip some inputs which are not connected.

RGB converter DIP switch.jpg

PIN Name Description
1 RGB INPUT SKIP ON: Skipping RGB mode
2 CVBS1 MUTE ON: Skipping CVBS1 input
3 CVBS2 MUTE ON: Skipping CVBS2 input
4 CAN ON: When installing to the Cayenne
5 OEM MUTE ON: Skipping OEM input
6 INTERLACE ON: Non-interlace
7 REAR MODE ON: External rear camera installed
8 SYNC ON GREEN ON: Sync on green (RGSB)

OEM MUTE will make multimedia interface always on and video from the COMAND itself will not be shown.

If the displayed screen vibrates, try to operate DIP switch number 6 (interlace mode) after turning power off.


SEL out cable.

This 3-PIN port gives voltage on one PIN at a time, depending on the video source that is currently selected - REAR-SEL (white), AV1-SEL (yellow), NAVI-SEL (gray). For example, 12V output is on yellow wire when AV1 input source is chosen. Can be used to activate appropriate audio output.


First LED lamp indicates that interface is on.

Second LED lamp indicates that AV sources connected work well.

Interface Connections

RGB interface board for W220 COMAND has a simple task to hijack COMAND video output when video input is received from RGB converter.

W220 Car Solutions RGB interface connections.jpg


Remove the COMAND from the vehicle using COMAND removal instructions.

Unscrew 2 chassis cover screws at top of radio.
Unscrew 4 on the rear of the unit, remove cover from top of unit.
Begin by unscrewing the cassette player mechanism from the unit. There are 2 screws holding it in place.
Unscrew the mechanism's other mounting screw.
Loosen the ribbon cable attachment clip with a small screwdriver and carefully remove the cassette player mechanism.
Continue removing the remaining screws to remove the upper motherboard.
Using needle nosed pliers twist the metal clip that attaches to the upper motherboard.
Using a small screwdriver unscrew the ribbon cable from the motherboard.
Unclip the plastic connector from both sides.
Disconnect ribbon cable from the motherboard.
Leave the ribbon cable disconnected.
Connect ribbon cables as shown above.
Reattach the upper motherboard and cassette player mechanism.
Pull ribbon cables through the cassette player case.
Connect the RGB interface board.
Connect RGB cable and run outside of unit.
Mount converter on top of radio with 2 sided tape.
Video input source switch button.


If COMAND display works fine, but all video sources produce flickering image shown below, the ribbon cables are connected in the opposite order.

W220 COMAND screen flicker Car Solutions RGB-LE-V3.1.jpg