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Description and Location - Side Lights

  • US/Canada delivered vehicles have Sidelights in the front bumper inserts.
Side light switched on.
Side light switched off.
  • European Economic Community (EEC) and Australian delivered W220 models do NOT have sidelights in the front bumper insert:

W220 EEC with no side light.JPG

Issue - Side Lights

"SIDELIGHT, L CHECK LAMP!" warning on the instrument cluster.

Replacing Bulb - Side Lights


  1. Switch off the lights.
  2. Carefully slide lamp towards rear.

W220 side marker light.png

  1. Remove front end first.
  2. Twist bulb socket counter clockwise and pull out.
  3. Pull bulb out of the bulb socket.
  4. Insert new bulb in socket.
  5. Reinstall bulb socket, push in and twist clockwise.
  6. To reinstall lamp, set rear end in bumper and let front end snap into place.

Specification - Side Lights

Side marker lamp bulb specification: W 12V 5W