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This wiki is inspired by the great work of benzworld.org W220 forum members who have shared their experiences with repairing their Mercedes-Benz W220s.

The purpose of this wiki is to be a single, authoritative, precise and factual source of information for our Mercedes-Benz W220 series S-Class cars. The data in the forums contains some of that: but it also contains noise, opinion, conjecture etc. The point of the wiki is that we remove all that noise, and leave it with well-structured, factual content. We need to take the knowledge in the forums, and structure it, piece by piece, to make it into the wiki.

The W220 Wiki Encyclopedia is meant to be a concise and factual summary of the known issues and solutions, thus avoiding the need to trawl through endless Internet postings seeking the few gems of relevant information.

This W220 Wiki Encyclopedia does however, require you as an experienced enthusiast, to help with the relevant knowledge, to author and edit these W220 Wiki articles, so that they evolve into authoritative works. The minimum contribution could be a link to a suitable posting and then other experts in the subject matter can edit and add their contributions, thus using the power of the Wiki.

Editing access

Everyone is welcome to contribute!

You can contribute with small things. Language corrections are always welcome!

To obtain a user account (required for editing), contact Email.png.

Editing rules

  • Through the wiki use part numbers without spaces in format A220XXXXXXX.
  • Use the date format YYYY-MM-DD.
  • The source of information should be referenced if possible (at least in comments).
  • When editing, please, specify a short summary of your edit.


  • Every page must be linked into the Index page.
  • Avoid creating stub pages. Information added to the wiki must be complete.
  • Try to stick to the structure already created.
  • Add cross references to things elsewhere in the wiki.


  • For images use resolution 720x480 unless higher resolution is needed.
  • Convert images to JPG (75% quality) unless uncompressed PNG provides better quality/size ratio.
  • Crop your picture. Only select that area which we are interested in.
  • Always try to keep aspect ratio 3:2 (unless cropping will lose detail).
  • In the image file name describe its contents. For parts use part number (e.g. W220_A2208212179_front.jpg).
  • Clearer pictures are always welcome (please, update the existing image).