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Location – Tail Lights

W220 EPC tail lamp.png

W220 lights rear.png
  • 8. LED brake lamp
  • 9. Turn signal lamp - PY21W
  • 10. Tail and standing lamp, side marker - P21/4W
  • 11. Backup lamp - P21W
  • 12. Licence plate lamps - C5W
  • 13. Tail lamp, rear fog lamp - P21/4W
  • 14. High mounted brake lamp LED
W220 tail lamp assemblies.png
  • 1. Turn signal lamp (white socket)
  • 2. Tail, parking, standing and side marker lamp (red socket)
  • 3. Tail lamp, rear fog lamp (red socket)
  • 4. Backup lamp (black socket)

Facelift (after 30/09/2002)

W220 taillight facelift.jpg

  • A2208200764 - tail lamp left
  • A2208200864 - tail lamp right

Pre-facelift (before 01/09/2002)

W220 taillight prefacelift.jpg

The only difference in pre-facelift and facelift taillights are lens which in facelift version has four transparent horizontal lines instead of pre-facelift's two.

  • A2208200164 - tail lamp left
  • A2208200264 - tail lamp right



W220 taillight facelift depo.jpg
Label on the left lens reads "DEPO 01-440-1919L-R".
Label on the right lens reads "DEPO 01-440-1919R-R".

Note: DEPO taillight should not be mixed with the original facelift taillights, since DEPO taillight is a bit lighter (see below).

DEPO on the left, original facelift taillight on the right.

DEPO All Smoke

All smoke lens produced by DEPO.


  1. Open your trunk and take the cover out.
  2. There are four screws, remove them (see below).
Taillight kept in by four screws.

LED board

For the break light W220 taillights use LED board.

  • A2208200411 - right
  • A2208200311 - left

There seem to be several versions of LED boards. V?/V2.2 which has square LED bulbs and V2.5/V2.6 which has round LED bulbs.

A2208200311 v2.6 front.
A2208200311 v2.6 back.
A2208200411 v2.5 front.
A2208200411 v2.5 back.
A2208200311 v2.2 front.
A2208200311 v2.2 back.
A2208200411 v2.2 front.
A2208200411 v2.2 back.
A2208200411 front.
A2208200411 back.
DEPO A2208200311-compatible front.
DEPO A2208200311-compatible back. Reads "DEPO MD E4 0211985 17-440-1919L".
DEPO A2208200411-compatible front.
DEPO A2208200411-compatible back. Reads "DEPO MD E4 0211985 17-440-1919R".

Defective LED board

Even a single failed LED bulb in the LED board can cause the board to be disabled by the vehicle. If this happens, the error message will appear on the instrument cluster and for the duty of brake lamp will be delegated to fog lamp.

Tail light with brake light on.
Tail light with backup brake light on.

Replacing LED bulbs

The whole LED board unit is expensive. LED bulbs can be replaced by soldering.

  1. Remove the taillight from vehicle.
  2. Take the circuit board out, it is attached by one screw (see below).
  3. Use a 12v adapter by connecting it to the circuit board and see which bulbs are damaged.
  4. Remove damaged bulbs and install new ones using a soldering iron. Make sure the new led lights are positioned the same exact way the old ones were, otherwise they will not work.
  5. Once this is done, you can insert the circuit board back into the car. Make sure prior to this all the lights are working.

You can buy square LED bulbs by using this keyword "LED 7.62MM 638NM ALINGAP RED CLR - LTL912SEKSA".

Screw to detach the LED board.
Testing the board with 12v power source.
LED board with bulbs resoldered.


A2208260091 fits for both sides.


The following video shows how to permanently repair and eliminate this warning.

Step by step Video


Oxidized contacts of rear turn signal indicators

A common issue with the rear turn signal indicators is oxidized contacts on the bulb socket.

Rear left tail and fog light with bulb
Oxidized contact marks on the socket.

Obviously if the turn signal indicators are showing signs of oxidation then so are all the other bulb holders and their sockets.

  • Remove the boot lining as required.
  • Remove the rear light assembly. [10mm socket]
  • Note the position of the coloured bulb holders.
    • Black - reverse light
    • White - turn indicator
    • Pink - fog and tail lights
  • Remove just one bulb holder from its socket. Even though the bulb holders are all uniquely coded it is easier to modify them one at a time.
  • Note the position of the contact marks on the bulb holder socket. The contact marked with a black felt tip pen is the earth or zero volts contact.
  • Clean the contact points on the bulb holder socket with solvent.
  • Lightly scuff the contact points on the bulb holder socket with sand paper.
  • Using a soldering iron tin the contact points on the bulb holder socket.
W220 Tinning the Rear Tail Light and Fog Light Bulb Holder Socket.JPG W220 Example of Tinned Bulb Holder Socket.JPG
  • Repeat for the other contact points on this socket.
  • Now move your attention to the mating bulb holder.
  • Inspect this bulb holder socket's contact points and note the oxidation.
  • Remove the globe.
  • Remove just one contact by depressing the tab with a small screw driver.
  • Clean the contact areas on the bulb holder contact with solvent.
  • Lightly scuff the contact areas on the bulb holder contact with sand paper.
  • Using a soldering iron tin the contact areas on the bulb holder contact.
W220 Example of Oxidized Contacts on a Bulb Holder.JPG W220 Contact Removed from a Bulb Holder.JPG W220 Example of Tinning Contact on a Bulb Holder.JPG
  • Reinsert the bulb holder contact into the bulb holder BEFORE doing the next one.
  • Repeat for all other contacts.
  • Reinstall the bulb holder in its socket, BEFORE moving on to the next one.
  • Repeat for all other bulb holders and sockets.
  • Check the resistances of each light and its circuit by using a DVM to measure the resistances from the cable connection. Clip one side of the DVM to the earth lead marked with a black felt tip pen in the photo above.
    • Reverse light (black bulb holder) 0.6 Ohms.
    • Turn indicator (white bulb holder) 0.6 Ohms.
    • Tail light (one filament in pink bulb holder) 0.6 Ohms.
    • Fog light (one filament in pink bulb holder) 5 Ohms.
  • Reinstall the rear tail light assembly and repeat for the other side.