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15 Switched +ve
15R Switched +ve Ign Posn 1,2,3
30 Battery +ve continuous
30Z Circuit 30 First Input
31 Ground or 0V
50 Starter control direct
AAC Automatic Air Conditioner
AAM All Activity Module
ABC Active Body Control
A/C Air Conditioner
ACC Automatic Climate Control
ACF Activated Charcoal Filter
AKF Aktivkohle Filter {Activated Charcoal Filter}
AIRmatic Airmatic Suspension/Shock Absorber System
ASRA ASRA is an electronic catalogue of work units and flat rates that facilitates the fast and reliable search for 
 operation items, working hours and damage codes. ASRA also includes additional operations, included work texts, notes 
 and graphics of vehicle parts.
ASSYST Active Service System
BAS Brake Assist
BL Blae or Blue
BLS Stop Lamp Switch NO Contact
BR Braun or Brown
CAN Controller Area Network
CAN-B H CAN Interior Bus High
CAN-B L CAN Interior Bus Low
CAN-C H CAN Engine Compartment Bus High
CAN-C L CAN Engine Compartment Bus Low
CDC CD Changer
CGW Central Gate Way
CO Carbon Monoxide
COMAND Cockpit Management and Data
CPS Crankshaft Position Sensor
CVN Calibration Verification Number
D2B COMAND Version in updates
DAS Diagnosis Assistance System
DAS Drive Authorisation System
DCM Door Control Module
DMS Dealer Management System
DTC Diagnostic Trouble Codes
DTR Distronic Radar
EIS Electronic Ignition/Starter Switch
EGS Electronic Gear Selector
EPC Electronic Parts Catalogue
ESL Electronic Steering Lock
ESP Electronic Stability Program
ETC Electronic Transmission Control
ETR Emergency Tensioning Retractor
EOBD European On-Board Diagnosis
ESA Electric Seat Adjustment
ESM Electronic Selector Module
ESP Electronic Stability Programme
ETR Emergency Tensioning Retractor
EZS Electronic Ignition/Starter Switch
FAQ Frequently Asked Question
FDOK M-B Worldwide Database 
FIN European Vehicle Identification Number
FG Function Group
FL Front Left
FR Front Right
FUG Function subGroup
GE Gelb or Yellow
GN Grün or Green
HHT Hand Held Tester
HL Hinter Links or Rear Left 
HR Hinter Rechts or Rear Right  
HVAC Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
ICM Instrument Cluster with Maintenance Interval Display 
KAM Keep Alive Memory
KI Instrument Cluster module 
LHD Left Hand Drive
LPG Liquified Petroleum Gas
M-B Mercedes-Benz
MAF Mass Air Flow
ME Motor Electronics
MIL Malfunction Indicator Lamp
MOST Media Oriented System Transport
MRM Steering Column Module (SCM)
MSS Maintenance Service System
NAVI Navigation
NC Normally Closed
NF Transparent or Transparent
NO Normally Open
NOx Nitrous Oxide
OBD Onboard Diagnosis
OBD I On-Board Diagnosis I: Non Standardized (Each manufacturer has different functions and versions).
OBD II (also OBD 2) On-Board Diagnosis II: Standardized as used by M-B
OCP Overhead Control Panel
PCM Powertrain Control Module
PDC Parts Distribution Center
PID Parameter identification
PL65 Price List in Euros
PSE Pneumatic System Equipment
PTS Parktronic System
RCL Remote Control Locking
REST Residual Heat and Ventilation
RHD Right Hand Drive
RF Radio Frequency
RL Rear Left
RR Rear Right
RS Rosa or Pink
RT Rot or Red
RTG Retractable Trunk Lid Grip
SA Code Vehicle Data Sheet Code or Options Code eg 804
SAM Signal Acquisition and Actuation Module
SCM Steering Column Module (MRM)
SCN Software Calibration Number
SPS Speed Sensitive Power Steering
SRS Supplemental Restraint System
STAR Diagnosis System used to program components on M-B cars
STAR Utilities Contains Media, Video and pdf Lessons on M-B Vehicles
SW Schwarz or Black
TBC To Be Confirmed
TBD To Be Determined
TV TV Tuner
UCP Upper Control Panel
UHI Universal Handy Interface
VCS Voice Control System
VI Violett or Violet or Purple
VIN Vehicle Identification Number (17 digits)
VGS Fully Integrated Transmission Control Unit
VL Vor Links or Front Left 
VR Vor Rechts or Front Right 
VRV Improved Repair Verification
VSS Vehicle Speed Sensor
WIS Workshop Information System
XD Xentry Diagnostics: M-B Diagnostic Assistance System for newer vehicles, 204, 207, 212)
Xentry DAS M-B Diagnostic Assistance System for older models