Angle Measuring Device or Inclinometer

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When adjusting the height of a M-B W220 with AIRmatic suspension it is necessary to know the angles of the front and rear axles.

WIS specifies that an inclinometer should be used but any angle measuring device will suffice, although some are easier to use than others.

Measuring Angles with Smart Phone App

There are several free applications for measuring angles available for smart phones. Check out the iTunes or Playstore.

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Rear Axle Angle Measurement

With the vehicle at correct ride height, place the angle meter against the cleaned underside of each half shaft and record the values.

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If the differential is below the wheel hubs, the Rear Axle Angle is negative, if above, angle is positive. Typical values for a W220 are -1.9 degrees.

Front Axle Angle Measurement

The front axle Lower Control Arms have two small dimple marks which identify the correct location for measuring the front axle angles.

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Place the angle meter between the dimples and record the values for both axles. Typical values for a W220 are +3.5 degrees.