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Collection of W220 real life crashes.

Crash 1

W220 crash 1.jpg

"I still have trouble with my back and ribs. I fractured 4 ribs, my thumb and wrist. Not to mention getting my left arm cut up and getting a permant mercedes logo scarred on my arm from the airbag. The picture actually makes the damage not look as bad. You guys should have seen the passat that tried making the unsafe turn and causing a head on collision at 35mph with no brakes applied. I would have taken pictures but i was going in and out of concusses i am just grateful for the by stander on the street that helped me to the side walk and bought me water."

"Insurance was cheap there pay out was only paying off my loan and tow. The car was beyond repairable the frame went in about 1ft and the engine block cracked."

Crash 2

W220 crash 2a.jpg
W220 crash 2b.jpg

"Young lady ran a stop sign, slid diagonal through the intersection at approx 60mph and hit my 2004 S500 almost head on! Both cars are silver, her Acura is the totally smashed one - she left in an ambulance with a broken arm, cuts, bruises, etc. Mine needs approx 14K to repair."

Crash Videos

Prefacelift crash in Russia.
Prefacelift stuck between bridge.