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SmartKey with remote control

W220s sold in the US and Canada have a panic button on the SmartKey keyfob. W220s sold elsewhere in the world do not have a panic button.

SmartKey without panic button (both sides).
SmartKey without and with panic button.

Frequencies for central locking are:

  • In Europe 433.92 MHz
  • In USA 315.00 MHz
W220 SmartKey with remote control.png
  • (1) Lock button
  • (2) Unlock button for trunk lid
  • (3) Unlock button
  • (4) Panic button

Panic alarm

W220 smartkey panic button.jpg

If panic button is pressed an audible alarm and flashing exterior lamps will operate for approximately 2.5 minutes.

To activate press and hold button (1) for at least one second. To deactivate press button (1) again or insert SmartKey in starter switch.

Replacing batteries

Replacement batteries: Lithium, type CR 2025 or equivalent.

W220 smartkey mechanical key out.jpg W220 smartkey batteries.jpg W220 smartkey batteries keylessgo.jpg
  1. Remove mechanical key (1).
  2. Insert the mechanical key (1) in side opening and push gray slide. The battery compartment is unlatched.
  3. Pull the battery compartment (2) out of the SmartKey housing in direction of arrow.
  4. Remove the batteries.
  5. Using a lint-free cloth, insert new batteries (3) under the contact spring (4) with the plus (+) side facing up.
  6. Return battery compartment into housing until it locks into place.

In case of KEYLESS-GO the SmartKey contains only a single battery on the other side.

SmartKey battery replacement.

Replacing broken shell

After long years of use the buttons on shell cover of SmartKey can develop cracks. There are replacement shells available on ebay for as cheap as 3 EUR, the only visual difference of ebay replica is the lack of MB chrome star on the back of the shell (a bit more expensive ones have also the MB logo replica).

SmartKey case repliaca from ebay.
SmartKey case repliaca from ebay (back).
Original Smartkey vs replica with logo.

It has been reported that some of the replicas have buttons that are quite hard to press, but there are cheap ebay replicas that have been verified to have good quality and serve well.

Button plastic broken on replica (after years of use)
Buttons on the original SmartKey

Warning: do not use the method shown below for pulling out board for SmartKey with KEYLESS-GO, because the hook will damage the coil that is centered on the board.

Taking MB SmartKey apart.

SmartKey dissected

SmartKey side A.
SmartKey side B.

KEYLESS-GO SmartKey has only one battery and electronic board contains two coils:

SmartKey with KEYLESS-GO side A.
SmartKey with KEYLESS-GO side B.