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Description - W220 Wiki Example Item

This is a draft template for a single page Wiki article which can be copied from the Wiki Edit Window (click on tab "Edit" at top of this page) and pasted into a blank Edit Window as the beginning of a new Wiki article.

Note the W220 Wiki Encyclopaedia is not a discussion forum. For that, see the many Internet enthusiast forums such as BenzWorld, MBWorld, where you can post problems and seek ideas and solutions. The W220 Wiki Encyclopaedia is meant to be a concise and factual summary of the known issues and solutions, thus avoiding the need to trawl through endless Internet postings seeking the few gems of relevant information. It does however, require you as an experienced enthusiast, to help with the relevant knowledge, to author and edit these W220 Wiki articles, so that they evolve into authoritative works. The minimum contribution could be a link to a suitable posting and then other experts in the subject matter can edit and add their contributions, thus using the power of the Wiki.

In the Description section explain what the article is about, where it is located and how it works. Sub-headings are a good idea and will appear in the Contents Section. For example:

Sub-heading 1 – How W220 Wiki Example Item works

How W220 Wiki Example Item works including any pictures to help identify the part.

Picture Caption Inserted Here

Sub-heading 2 Location - W220 Wiki Example Item

Where the item can be found including any pictures to help identify the location.

This is a W220 Wiki Example Item, a sample of a video link showing how to insert a video link with a heading and frame.

Pokseva has implemented a script which downloads youtube videos contained in the Wiki so that they can be later restored in case the original video is removed from youtube. For this feature to work, make sure that videos are "youtubized" using that {{#ev:youtube} markup as shown below.

Example for embedding YouTube video.


{{#ev:youtube|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVNNFXPSafs|320|center|'''Warning! Turn your sound down.'''|frame}}
<br clear=all>


Warning! Turn your sound down.

Sub-heading 3 Adding a Table - A Template for a Simple Table

Template to Add a Simple Table
First Column Heading Second Column Heading
Row 1, Column 1, Text Row 1, Column 2, Text
Row 2, Column 1, Text Row 2, Column 2, Text

Issues – W220 Wiki Example Item

List common issues eg the electronics for this W220 Wiki Example Item often fails, or components regularly wear out, or connectors become intermittent etc.

Symptoms – W220 Wiki Example Item

Describe the symptoms of the issues for the W220 Example Item such as rough engine idle, severe vibration above 70KPH, intermittent operation, part failed completely, catastrophic failure of bearing etc.

Solutions – W220 Wiki Example Item

Document possible fixes for the issues, such as M-B workshop procedures, DIY techniques and DIY workarounds with any recommendations for avoiding future issues. Once again sub-headings are a good idea.

Summary - DIY Fix 1

Add a concise summary here.

Parts Required - DIY Fix 1

  • Special Tool number one.
  • Part number one A220 888 01 02 or 2208880102 (preferred format for searching).
  • Part number two A220 999 03 05 or 2209990305 (preferred format for searching).

Diagnosis and Test Procedures - DIY Fix 1

Add any diagnosis and test procedures here.

Method - DIY Fix 1

Add the method and techniques used for the solution here.

Simple template for entering a numbered list

  1. Enter first step here. (This is a continuous list.)
  2. Enter second step here.
    Use hash colon prefix to enter a paragraph without a step list number.
  3. Enter the next step here starting with a hash to get a continuous list number.
    To start a new list with a number one just enter a paragraph mark without any hashes etc. at the beginning.

New List

  1. Start of a new list at number one.
  2. Second line of new list.

Test Results - DIY Fix 1

Are there any test results?

Conclusion/Result/Recommendations - DIY Fix 1

References – W220 Wiki Example Item

Add an acknowledgement of the original contributors and authors as a courtesy measure. For example:


With thanks to BenzWorld members Aaaaa, Bbbbb, Ccccc and Zzzzz et alia, with apologies.

Refer to:

Add links to original posted articles.