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Firmware Update

ME-SFI 2.8 firmware can be updated using SDS under "ME-SFI 2.8 (Motor electronics 2.8) -> Control unit adaptations -> Control module programming". However, since the update process goes online to pull latest firmware version the procedure can be done only by the dealer using their Star Diagnosis machine.

The latest software version available for ECU A1121535379 used in S350 (checked April 2015) is 30/2005.

Software Version in SDS

Software version can be read in SDS under "ME-SFI 2.8 (Motor electronics 2.8) -> Control unit version".

Before update. Software status 35/03. MB number A1121535379. Version (internal) M112_oFFV_F5.
After update. Software status 30/05. MB number A1121538679. Version (internal M112_oFFV_F9.

Software Version in SDS Quick test log

SDS initial quick test log will display AGW software version.

Before update. MB number A1121535379. SW Version 35/2003.
After update. MB number A1121538679. SW Version 30/2005.