WIS 27.00 Transmission Types

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Types of W220 Transmissions

W220’s have two types of Transmissions, a five-speed (722.6) (actually five forward and one reverse gears) and a seven-speed (722.9) (actually seven forward and two reverse gears).

The seven-speed (722.9) is also referred to as NAG 2 {Neues Automatische Getriebe 2} New Automatic Gearbox 2 or 7G-Tronic.

Some differences between the 722.6 (5 speed) and 722.9 (7 speed) are discussed in the Benz World Encyclopedia. In short, the 722.6 appears to be more robust and was retained in the 4Matic when M-B went to the 722.9 in the RWD W220 from 2004 and on.

Transmission 722.9 Fluid Type

The 722.9 uses a newly-developed, suggested-use-only transmission fluid, referred to as ATF 3353. It promises a higher friction consistency, thermal stability, and temperature rating. ATF 3353 can also be used on previous model 722.3/.4/.5/.6 transmissions. This special ATF is available from Shell & Fuchs Europe oil suppliers.

Transmission Pan Types

  • Early models use a non-bevelled pan with round indentations, a black overflow pipe and use 236.12 or 236.13 fluid measured at 35C.
W220 Early Non-Bevelled Pan, Round Indentations, Black Overflow Pipe.JPG
  • From August 2003, the 7G-Tronic or 722.9 NAG2 updated pan has a bevelled or sloping aft end with round indentations, a white overflow pipe and uses red 236.14 fluid measured at 45C.
W220 Style of 722.9 NAG2 Updated Bevelled Pan, Round Indentations, White Overflow Pipe.JPG

For the updated bevelled pan with round indentations, the overflow pipe length was increased.

W220 722.9 NAG2 Updated Bevelled Pan Overflow Pipe Length.JPG
  • After June 2010, the style of the 722.9 NAG2+ Pan has bevelled aft end with oval indentations and green overflow pipe and use blue 236.15 fluid measured at ??C.
W220 Style of 722.9 NAG2+ Bevelled Pan, Oval Indentations, Green Overflow Pipe.JPG