WIS 46.15 Steering Column Adjustment

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Description - Steering Column Adjustment

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Issues - Steering Column Adjustment

Easy Entry/Exit Feature - Steering Column Adjustment

  • If the Steering Column Height Easy Entry/Exit feature does not work, then resetting, normalisation or calibration may be required.
  • The Steering Column Height Easy Entry/Exit feature requires resetting, following a voltage supply interruption or malfunction, eg after removing the battery terminals.

Malfunction - Steering Column Adjustment

  • If the steering column will not move at all, it is either a broken nylon connector inside the column, a bad motor, or a fuse problem.
  • If you can move your steering column down SLIGHTLY, and then bring it back up to where it started, but not higher, then resetting may be required.
  • CAUTION, if the steering column goes down slightly, but will not go back up at all, do not try the reset - the steering column could go fully down and not come back up! Then you may not be able to get into the car to drive. If that happens. Get it serviced.

DIY Procedures - Steering Column Adjustment

Reset - Easy Entry/Exit Feature

This DIY guide resets the limit positions for the Hall Effect Sensors in the Steering Column, and your Column should then function normally.

  • Resetting is basically the same procedure as for the Electric Side Windows, etc., but with the caution referred to above.
  • Move the steering column fully down, and hold the switch for about 10 seconds after it reaches the lowest position.
  • Then run the steering column back up fully and hold the switch up for about 10 seconds after the column reaches its upper limit of travel.
  • Note you may need to do this several times.