WIS 77.20 Electric Sliding Roof

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Issues - Electric Sliding Roof

If the Electric Sliding Roof does not open/close with the one-touch button press, then resetting, normalisation or calibration may be required. The Electric Sliding Roof requires resetting following a voltage supply interruption or malfunction, eg after removing the battery terminals.

If the Electric Sliding Roof simply will not open or close all the way after using the resetting procedure, refer to the section on how clean the tracks and lubricate them with the M-B lubricant made for the purpose.

Typical failure mechanisms are:

  • Hesitates or fails to open.
  • Is very slow to open.
  • Makes a "grinding" noise.
  • Makes a loud noise.
  • Slows down at certain points while opening/closing.
  • Requires pushing just so it will close all the way.
  • Just not working right.

Reset - Electric Sliding Roof

Press and hold the RAISE button for the Electric Sliding Roof until the Roof is in the fully raised position and hold the switch for a further one second.

Track Clean and Lubricate - Electric Sliding Roof

Excellent article by BenzWorld Member MafiaDON Sun Roof Restoration Repair Service Dismantle.


This DIY document refers to a write up on how to RESTORE your sunroof to BRAND NEW condition! Literally. (This write up is exclusively for W140`s, but it may also apply to other models.) Best part is, the whole restoration will only cost you $10. Follow the steps exactly and you will be 100% satisfied with the results.



Sensor - Electric Sliding Roof


Problem with the sunroof opening the way it should but stopping and reopening when you try to use the auto shut, then this is for you. I have a Mercedes repair guy that comes out to my house to do repairs if needed. I was having that same issue; he said that all it was is an adjustment needed to the sensor that adjusts for wear; which he said was very, very common. He hooked his computer up and had it fixed in about 30 seconds! He didn't even charge me! It was not anything bent or broken within the sunroof!


Lining - Electric Sliding Roof

Excellent BenzWorld Member G-AMG style Photo DIY How to Remove Sunroof Liner.


Drains - Electric Sliding Roof


It is possible for the two drains that run through the "A" pillars to become clogged, and back up. It is also possible for the rubber hose that runs through the "A" pillar to become disconnected from the lower part of the drain.

You could try reaming the drain or blowing it out. If the rubber hose is disconnected, it is reachable by removing the interior cover of the "A" pillar.