WIS 82.00 Electrical System, Body, General

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Circuit Wiring - Electrical System

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Abbreviations - M-B Circuit Wiring Diagrams

M-B Circuit Wiring Diagram Abbreviations.JPG

Color Colour Code - M-B Circuit Wiring Diagrams

Mercedes-Benz Circuit Wiring Diagrams Color Colour Codes
Abbreviation Color Colour in German Color Colour in English
bl blae blue
br braun brown
ge gelb yellow
gn grün green
gr grau grey or gray
nf transparent transparent
or orange orange
rs rosa pink
rt rot red
sw schwarz black
tr transparent transparent
vi violett violet
ws weiß white

Wiring Diagrams - M-B Circuit Wiring Diagrams

Thanks to Benz World Member, Pinkster, here is a link to wiring diagrams for most MB models, including the W220, at Internet Site hosted by BBB Industries.


Fuses - Electrical System

Temperature Sensors - Electrical System

Description - Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors are commonly constructed using temperature sensitive resistors, also known as thermistors.

A thermistor is just a temperature dependent resistor. Unfortunately, its dependence is highly nonlinear, but fortunately for most applications the non-linearity is easily compensated for.

Typical NTC Thermistor Resistance Temperature Characteristic.JPG

The standard formula for calculating the resistance of a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor as a function of temperature is as follows, where;

  • R25C is the nominal thermistor resistance at room temperature,
  • ß is the thermistor’s material constant in degrees Kelvin.
  • T is the thermistor’s actual temperature in degrees Celsius.
NTC Thermistor Resistance Temperature Formula.JPG

Functions - Temperature Sensors

In the W220 as in other M-B vehicles there are many instances of NTC Thermistors used to measure temperature. Examples are:

  • ACC In Cabin Air Temperature Sensor (Overhead Control Panel (OCP)
  • ACC In Cabin Air Temperature Sensor (Pushbutton Control Module)
  • Automatic transmission fluid Temperature
  • Engine coolant temperature
  • Mass Air Flow
  • Oil temperature
  • ACC Outside Temperature Sensor
  • Refrigerant Temperature Sensor

Specification - Temperature Sensors

Refer to the relevant Wiki Section.