WIS 83.30 Air Conditioning

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Repair Air Conditioning System

Refer to document by BenzWorld Member jnash: http://www.benzworld.org/forums/w210-e50-amg-e55-amg/1345786-how-repair-ac-system.html

This document has 15 files that contains PDF pages from the official M-B workshop on how to:

  • Replace the compressor,
  • Replace the dryer,
  • Replace the expansion valve.

Also included are oil capacities when replacing all components or individual parts such as just the expansion valve.

The following videos are for the W210 Mercedes. However, the workshop manual instructions are pretty identical to the ones for the W220 model. You will find that the concepts and the procedures are extremely similar and that given the dearth of videos on W220 A/C repairs you will benefit a great deal by watching the following videos while following the instructions provided above by BenzWorld Member jnash.

A/C Compressor Replacement Video (By Masood)
A/C Expansion Valve Replacement Video (By Masood)
A/C Receiver Drier Replacement Video (By Masood)
A/C Charging Video (By Masood)
W210 Full A/C Overhaul Video (By Masood)