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Fuel pump and filter is mounted on the left frame floor in front of the rear axle.

W220 fuel filter location.jpg
  • M3 - Fuel pump
  • 55/1 - Fuel filter with integrated fuel pressure regulator approx. 3.8 bars

Fuel Pump

W220 fuel pump ilustration.jpg

Illustration shows screw spindle pump

  • M3 - Fuel pump

The task of the pump is to supply an adequate quantity of fuel to the fuel system at the required pressure in all driving states.

On model W220 helical spindle pump is mounted at frame floor.

W220 fuel pump function.jpg

Illustration shows screw spindle pump

  • 1 - Rotating spindle
  • 2 - Drive spindle
  • 3 - Check valve
  • 4 - Pressure relief valve
  • 5 - Electric motor
  • 6 - Ground connection
  • 7 - Voltage supply
  • a - Fuel from the fuel tank
  • b - Fuel to the fuel filter

The fuel pump (M3) pumps more fuel than the engine requires in total in order to maintain the pressure in the fuel system in all operating states. As a result of this circulation, relatively cool fuel is available at all times for injection (avoids the formation of vapor bubbles). A pressure relief valve (4) is integrated in the fuel pump in order to limit the pressure.

The check valve (3) in the fuel pump decouples the fuel system from the fuel tank by preventing fuel from flowing back through the fuel pump to the fuel tank. The fuel pump is actuated by the engine control unit through the fuel pump relay.


To date: 30/06/2001 (with screw connections):

  • OE - A0004707894 (EUR 370)
Fuel pump A0004707894

From date: 30/06/2001 (with pluggable connections):

  • OE - A0014701294 (EUR 370)
  • OEM - PIEBURG 7.28126.51.0 (EUR 155)
  • BOSCH 0986580354 (EUR 173)
  • TOPRAN 401632 (EUR 95)
  • STARKE 162-029 (EUR 30)
Fuel pump A0014701294

The manufacturer of the original fuel pump is PIEBURG. Special workshops are able to open them and replace any faulty parts. The inner design of cheaper pumps is different, which leads to lower quality and noisy operation, therefore, in case of fuel pump failure, if possible, the original PIEBURG pump should be repaired.

The part number for pluggable electrical connector on the vehicle side - A1685452728. The male part of the pluggable electrical connector on the pump side is TRUCKTEC/29.3086. The male connector can be used to convert pre-facelift fuel pump with screw connections to a pluggable connection (see the pictures below).

Fuel pump female connector (A1685452728)
Fuel pump male connector (TRUCKTEC/29.3086)
Connector (positive - left, negative - right)
Fuel pump with connector
Fuel pump with connector installed


The task of the fuel filter is to filter impurities out of the fuel, maintaining constant fuel pressure in wide limits irrespective of the fuel pump delivery.

W220 fuel filter design2.png
  • 55/1 - Fuel filter with integrated fuel pressure regulator
  • CAN - Pressurization line
  • PUMP - Feed from fuel pump
  • TANK - Return flow to fuel tank
  • MOT - To engine

W220 fuel filter design.jpg
  • 55/1 - Fuel filter with integrated fuel pressure regulator
  • 55/3 - Valve
  • 55/5 - Diaphragm (membrane)
  • 55/6 - Compression (push) spring
  • 55/9 - Filter element insert
  • 55/40 - Diaphragm pressure regulator
  • A - Feed from fuel pump
  • b - Diaphragm pressure regulator vent line
  • B - Fuel return flow to fuel tank
  • C - Fuel pressure connection to engine

The fuel filter consists of a sheet metal casing with an integrated filter element (55/9). The fuel flows through this from the outside to the inside. As a result any impurities are trapped.

The diaphragm pressure regulator (55/40) controls the fuel pressure of approx. 3.8 bar (operating pessure) via the fuel return flow quantity to the fuel tank.

If the set fuel pressure is exceeded, the diaphragm (55/5) is pushed against the push spring (55/6) and the valve (55/3) attached to the diaphragm opens the passage for the fuel return to the fuel tank (B). If the set pressure is below the limit, the valve is closed again by means of the push spring.

Fuel pressure as a function of the fuel pump delivery
  • A - Fuel pressure in bar
  • B - Fuel pump delivery in liters per hour

A greatly varying fuel pump delivery (e.g. 20 or 140 l/h) does not have any great effect on the fuel pressure.


  • OE A0024773001 OE (EUR 100)
  • OEM Knecht KL82 (EUR 38)
  • OEM BOSCH 0450915003 (EUR 40)
  • MANN-FILTER WK 720 (EUR 45)
BOSCH 0450915003

Fuel pump package

W220 fuel pump package.png

Identifying the components in this diagram with same nomenclature as above:

Part Part no. Image Description
60 A2024766526 (from date 2001/04/07)

Gates 10mm (inner) x 16mm (outer) x v20cm (length)

W220 fuel hose A2024766526.jpg Hose between filter and fuel tank fuel return line. 15.3X3MM; 200MM
70 A0019976990

Hose clamp ABA Mini 15mm

W220 fuel hose clamp A0019976990.jpg Clamp for hose between filter and tank (x2 - both ends). 9-13MM
25 A0069971890

Hose clamp ABA Mini 13mm

W220 fuel clamp A0069971890.jpg Hose clamp 13-14.5MM:
  • Clamp for hose between pump and filter (x2 - both ends)
  • Clamp for hose between filter and engine fuel delivery line (x2 - both ends)
10 A2304768726

Gates 8mm (inner) x 14mm (outer) x 11.5cm (length)

W220 fuel hose A2304768726.jpg Hose between pump and filter. 7.3X3MM; 115MM (order by the meter)
17 A2304768726

Gates 8mm (inner) x 14mm (outer) x 30cm (length)

W220 fuel hose A2304768726.jpg Hose between filter and engine fuel delivery line. 7.3X3MM (order by the meter)
40 A2024711341 (15 EUR) W220 fuel filter pump bracket A2024711341.jpg Backet. Fuel pump package
50 N000000002053


W220 bolt at fuel pump bracket N000000002053.jpg Bolt. At fuel pump bracket.
75 A2104780340 W220 fuel pump bracket A2104780340.jpg Backet. Fuel pump package

Fuel lines (gasoline vehicles)

W220 fuel lines gasoline vehicles.png

Identifying the components in this diagram with same nomenclature as above:

Part Part no. Image Description
5 A2204762675 (replaced by A2204762875) (EUR 77) W220 hose fuel tank to fuel pump A2204762875.jpg Fuel hose from tank to fuel pump
10 A0069971990 W220 fuel hose clamp A0069971990.jpg Clamp. Fuel hose to fuel pump 21.5-22.5 MM
20 A2104765527 Hose. Breather line to fuel filter

Testing fuel pressure

Remove Schrader valve cap from the fuel rail fuel pressure port and connect your fuel pressure tester. Be extremely careful during this test procedure as if fuel falls on hot engine parts it may cause a fire. Never carry this test if the engine is hot.

The fuel pressure should build up as soon as you turn on the ignition before you even try to crank the engine and the pressure should not drop after turning on the ignition. The pressure reading should be around 3.8 bars. If the pressure is not maintained then the cause can be either a faulty fuel filter or a faulty fuel pump.

Fuel pressure reading 3.8 bars

Fuel pump and filter replacement

Fuel pump with hose clamps