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Changes introduced in Facelift Models

First version of W220 was introduced in 1999 (29/07/1999).

A facelifted version (abbreviated MOPF) of the S-Class was designed in late 2000 and introduced in September 2002 (starting from 30/09/2002), offering a more aerodynamic front-end and redesigned taillights, though the exterior style remained largely analogous to the previous W220 models. Although the facelift only made minor changes to the exterior, it addressed several of the issues in the COMAND system and other interior features. Exterior updates included a more upright grille angle, new transparent housing for the headlamps (replacing the earlier translucent versions), and restyled lower air intakes on the front bumper.

Visible Changes

Here are visual changes which you can spot by taking a quick look.


Pre-facelift Facelift Description
W220 headlamps prefacelift.jpg W220 headlamps facelift.jpg Facelift introduced clear lense Bi-Xenon headlamps.
W220 taillight prefacelift.jpg W220 taillight facelift.jpg Facelift introduced taillights with 4 stripes.
W220 exterior mirror prefacelift.jpg W220 exterior mirror facelift.jpg Facelift introduced a redesigned mirror cover and turn signal LED module.
W220 exterior hood grill prefacelift.jpg W220 exterior hood grill facelift.jpg Facelift has different hood and grill.
W220 exterior parking sensors prefacelift.jpg W220 exterior parking sensors facelift.jpg Facelift has smaller parking sensors.
W220 exterior front bumper prefacelift.jpg W220 exterior front bumper facelift.jpg Facelift has different front bumper.


Pre-facelift Facelift Description
W220 interior COMAND prefacelift.jpg W220 interior COMAND facelift.jpg

Facelift introduced widescreen COMAND. Note that in late 2003 similarly looking widescreen MOST-based COMAND-APS was introduced. While it is easy to upgrade narrow-screen COMAND (shown on the left) to facelifted widescreen COMAND (shown on the right), installing MOST-based widescreen COMAND-APS requires too significant changes (changing optical bus and all components attached to it throughout the vehicle).

W220 interior dashboard center switches prefacelift.jpg W220 interior dashboard center switches facelift.jpg Facelift introduced square-form buttons in center switches of dashboard.
W220 interior window controls prefacelift.jpg W220 interior window controls facelift.jpg Facelift introduced square-form buttons for window control buttons in all doors.
W220 interior seats prefacelift.jpg W220 interior seats facelift.jpg Facelift models have different seat design.
W220 dark orion gray.jpg W220 dark alpaca gray.jpg In facelift models DARK ORION GREY color used for interior (e.g., steering wheel, dashboard) is updated to slightly lighter DARK ALPACA GRAY color.
W220 A2208110007 back origongray.jpg W220 A2208110007 back alpacagray.jpg In facelift models ORION GREY color used for interior (e.g., plastic paneling) is updated to slightly lighter ALPACA GRAY color.
W220 airmatic visit workshop prefacelift.jpg W220 Warning Airmatic Visit Workshop.jpg Instrument cluster in facelift vehicles has more modern icons.
In facelift vehicles battery lining in trunk is a separate piece.
In facelift vehicles door lock button goes completely in when in locked position.

Other Differences

Here are differences that cannot be so easily spot by taking a quick look.

Pre-facelift Facelift Description
W220 trunk lid covering A2207500081 prefacelift back.jpg W220 trunk lid covering A2207500281 facelift back.jpg

There are differences between pre-facelift and facelift vehicles in how trunk lid covering attached to the trunk lid. In pre-facelift vehicles lid covering is attached to the lid with two screws in center tightened from outside and 7 screws tightened from inside. Facelift vehicles have lid covering attached to the lid with one bolt in center tightened from inside and 8 retaining clips. The covering has also different trunk lid handle opening modified for retractable trunk lid grip which was introduced in facelift vehicles.

W220 prefacelift windshield rain and daylight sensors mounted.jpg W220 windshield rain sensor lens inside.jpg Facelift introduced windshield light sensor integrated inside rain sensor. Pre-facelift vehicles use separate light sensor module below the rain sensor.
W220 prefacelift dashboard side panels removed.jpg W220 fuse box in passenger side dashboard.png Facelift vehicles have additional fuse box in the side of the dashboard.