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Transmission shifter

Shifter console related parts in EPC

The M-B Transmission Selector allows the driver to select the required mode for the automatic transmission with the choices being usually;

  • Park
  • Reverse
  • Neutral
  • Drive (with a choice for manually selecting higher or lower gears if required)

The M-B transmission shifter has a safety feature whereby it is supposed to remain locked in Park unless the proper key is in the ignition and the brake pedal is pressed.

Transmission shifter stuck in park

A common issue is that the transmission shifter becomes stuck in the park position thus disabling the vehicle.

In case of emergency, a stuck shifter can be moved out from the park position using force:

Move stuck shifter using vibrations.
Move stuck shifter using hammer.

The most common cause for this problem is a plastic lever that breaks inside the shifter. Another cause for the problem could be a defective brake light switch (or blown fuse f16 - stop signal switch).

A broken plastic lever can be replaced with an aftermarket metal lever (~30 EUR from eBay using the keyword "W220 trans shifter lever"). To properly replace the lever, a rivet gun and 3 aluminium rivets are needed. The original rivets are of size 3.2x12mm, but in practice 3.2x8mm rivets will work as well.

Aftermarket metal lever vs the original broken plastic lever
Reinstalling aluminium rivets

The broken plastic part can be removed without replacing it, but doing so defeats the brake/shifter interlock, as it will be possible to move the shift lever at all times even with ignition on or off. If you plan to leave unattended children in the car, this fix may not be right for you in which case you should replace the broken pieces to restore the safety feature to its original condition.

Mercedes Shifter Removal
How to repair stuck shifter, replace shifter lever
Car stuck in park p1
Car Stuck in park p2
Shifter lever plastic replacement with metal part.
Shifter lever diagnosis.

Shift knob

Removing shift knob

  1. Unlock the shifter knob by turning conterclockwise on the chrome part of the knob until it stops, only 1/4 of a turn is necessary.
  2. Lift the knob straight up off the shaft. Do this in N position if you have large hands so when the knob is coming off of the shaft you don't hit the COMAND screen and center console.
Shifter knob Removal.

Fixing loose shift knob

Incorrect removal procedure by trying to twist the knob, will damage the plastic core of the gear knob and knob will become loose. One way to fix a loose knob is to use type around the shaft. The idea is to build up some thickness on the shaft. Do not wrap anything around the chrome bezel area, it won't do anything but stop the knob returning to it's original locked position. Only wrap the top part of the shaft.

W220 shift knob remove.jpg
W220 fix loose shift knob.jpg

Dissecting shift knob

  1. Use cord to tie up the plastic core and to pull the plastic ring off.
  2. Pour in some alcohol in between the wood part and the plastic core. Alcohol will soften the glue. Tier it gently until it comes off.
  3. KEYLESS-GO button is attached from the bottom with two T6 screws.
Plastic ring pulled off from the plastic core.
Wood part separated from the plastic core.
KEYLESS-GO button removed.
Shift knob (A2202671510) fully dissected.
Shift knob with new leather.
Pre-facelift shift knob dissected.