Transmission Detailed DIY Flushing System Design

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DIY Transmission Flushing System - Description

This DIY Transmission Flushing System was constructed using parts which are readily available from any hardware store. A transmission in-line connector and pipes was obtained from a wrecked M-B.

A parts list is:

  • two off 5L garden spray pump pressure bottles,
  • rubber tubing,
  • reinforced vinyl tubing,
  • brass coupling fittings,
  • hose clamps,
  • aftermarket in-line transmission fluid filter, and
  • a used in-line transmission connector and pipes.

The in-line connector and pipes from the wrecked M-B were cut and fitted to the clear vinyl tubing and became the connection points to the vehicle being serviced.

DIY Transmission Flushing System with 722.9 NAG2 7G-Tronic Connectors

DIY Transmission Flushing System with 722.9 NAG2 7G-Tronic Connectors.jpg

DIY Transmission Flushing System - Connection to Vehicle

During the service procedure it is simply a matter of opening the in-line connector in the transmission cooling supply line at the lower left corner of the radiator and connecting in the DIY Flushing System.

722.9 NAG2 7G-Tronic Transmission DIY Flushing System Connection Diagram.JPG

DIY Transmission Flushing System - In Use

Note new red fluid and old dark fluid in the clear vinyl tubing lines.

DIY Transmission Flushing System In Use.JPG

The exact procedure is described here. Yet to be added.