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Description - VIN

A vehicle identification number, commonly abbreviated to VIN, is a unique code including a serial number, used by the automotive industry to identify individual motor vehicles, towed vehicles, motorcycles, scooters and mopeds as defined in ISO 3833.

The VIN can be used to look up vehicle specific data card information which describes the vehicle as supplied by the manufacturer.

Typical information found on the data card includes:

  • Vehicle Type
  • Model Name
  • Engine Number
  • Transmission Number
  • Front Axle Number
  • Order Number
  • Interior Colour
  • Paint Code
  • Delivery Date and
  • SA Codes (The equipment on the vehicle when delivered).

Examples - VIN

VIN found on the vehicle Data or Certification Plate: WDB 220175 2A 387365 6

VIN as used in M-B's Workshop Information System (WIS) which requires 17 digits: WDB2201752A387356

Decoding - VIN

The 17 digit VIN consists of the following elements:

  • The first three characters (1, 2 and 3) of the VIN (WDB2200671A419444) designate the World Manufacturer Code ie the Country of manufacture, where:
3AM	Mexico
3MB	Mexico
4JG	M-Class except Europe
5DH	Mexico Bus
8AB	Argentina
8AC	Argentina
9BM	Brazil
ADB	South Africa
KPA	South Korea Transporter
KPD	South Korea
KPG	South Korea
LB1	(null)
LE4	China Production
LEN	China Production
MEC	(null)
MHL	Indonesia
NAB	Iran
NMB	Turkey
RLM	Mercedes Benz Vietnam
TAW	NAW - Switzerland
TCC	smart
VAG	G-Wagon Steyr
VSA	Spain
WCD	Sprinter
WD0	Transporter Dodge NFZ
WD1	Sprinter
WD2	NAFTA Sprinter
WD3	Sprinter
WD4	Sprinter
WD5	NAFTA Sprinter
WD6	Unimog NAFTA
WD7	Unimog NAFTA incomplete
WD8	Transporter
WD9	Sprinter
WDA	Germany DaimlerChrysler
WDB	Germany
WDC	M-Class-Europe/203/G-WAGON USA
WDD	Germany DaimlerChrysler
WDF	Rest of World (R.o.W)
WDP	(null)
WDR	(null)
WDW	(null)
WDX	Transporter Dodge
WDY	Transporter Freightliner NFZ
WDZ	Mercedes-Benz Bus
WEB	EVOBUS Mercedes-Benz
WME	smart
WMX	(null)
Z9M	(null)

  • The next three characters (4, 5 and 6) of the VIN identify what series/type the car is. For example a VIN WDB2200671A419444 denotes a W220 series vehicle.
  • Characters 7, 8 and 9 of the VIN (WDB2200671A419444) identify the model, where:
000 S320 CDI
025 S320 CDI
026 S320 CDI
028 S400 CDI
063 S280
065 S320
067 S350
070 S430
073 S55 AMG
074 S55 AMG
074 S55 AMG supercharged
075 S500
075 S55 AMG
078 S600
083 S430 4Matic
084 S500 4Matic
087 S350 4Matic
125 S320 CDI
126 S320 CDI
128 S400 CDI
163 S280
165 S320
165 S320 long
167 S350
170 S430
170 S430 long
173 S55 AMG
174 S55 AMG
174 S55 AMG supercharged
175 S500
175 S500 long
175 S500 GUARD
175 S55 AMG
176 S600
176 S600 GUARD
178 S600
178 S600 long
178 S600 GUARD
178 S63
178 S63 AMG
179 S65 AMG
183 S430 4Matic 
184 S500 4Matic
187 S350 4Matic
875 S500
875 S500 PULLMAN
878 S600
878 S600 PULLMAN
  • Character 10 of the VIN (WDB2200671A419444) identifies LH or RH Drive, where:
1 - left-hand drive (LHD)
2 - right-hand drive (RHD)
  • Character 11 of the VIN (WDB2200671A419444) identifies (?)
  • Characters 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 of the VIN are sequential, with each model having a separate number, starting at 000001 and ending with the end of production

How to find VIN

There are several places where you can find the VIN of your vehicle.

Certification label below driver's door latch

If in the U.S. there will be a sticker in the driver's door frame that gives the month and year of manufacture. In the photo below, 10/04 at the upper right of the sticker indicates that the car was manufactured in October, 2004. It was sold in the U.S. as an '05 model, and went into service in November, '04.

W220 certification label below drivers door latch.png W220 drivers door frame VIN sticker highlighted.jpg W220 VIN sticker drivers door frame.jpg

In ECE models the VIN sticker is located in passenger's door frame.

W220 VIN passenger door frame.jpg

Engraved below right rear passenger seat

The VIN is engraved next to fuse box under right side rear seat. Since the VIN is engraved and therefore secure, this place is used by authorities to identify a vehicle without any doubts.

W220 fuse box in the rear passenger compartment.png W220 VIN below right rear passenger seat.png W220 rear fuse box.jpg W220 VIN on rear fuse box.jpg

Instrument cluster hidden menu

VIN can be displayed by accessing instrument cluster hidden menu.

W220 VIN on instrument cluster display.jpg

Visible through windshield

In US it is a federal requirement that the VIN number be visible through the windshield. It can be viewed through the nearside base of the front windshield in bold white lettering.

W220 VIN windshield.jpg

Vehicle Technical Passport

A vehicle technical passport issued by the US Government should have the VIN printed on it.

VIN Decode Sites

VIN decoder & Lookup at

Verification of VIN for Mercedes-Benz

Option or SA Codes - Vehicle Data Card

Option or SA Codes observed on W220 data cards refer to the equipment on the vehicle when delivered.