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Vehicles after 20/01/2004 have navigation functionality integrated in COMAND head unit and instrument cluster, which is supported by audio feedback and Voice Control System (option code 813).

Map screen on European COMAND.
Navigation screen on the W220 instrument cluster.

Navigation Unit

W220 Navigation Processor.jpg W220 Navigation Processor back.jpg

W220 Navigation Processor in bracket.jpg W220 Navigation Processor in bracket back.jpg W220 Navigation Processor in bracket front.jpg

The navigation computer/processor/unit for MOST based COMAND is located on the left side in the trunk. It reads DVD map disks and sends map information over the MOST to COMAND head unit. The same navigation unit is also used in the W211 (E-Class) vehicles. There are several part numbers which all should be compatible. The navigation units have been manufactured from 2003 up to 2007. Theoretically the navigation units are shipped with different firmware versions, however, they all seem to have the same features.

Part no. Replaced by
A2118200685 Replaced by A2208205985
A2208205985 Replaced by A2208206085
A2208206085 Replaced by A2208703589
A2208703589 Replaced by A2118708926
A2118705226 Replaced by A2118701085
A2118701085 Replaced by A2118705785
A2118705785 Replaced by A2118706085

Wiring diagram

W220 Navigation processor connections.jpg

W220 Navigation processor connected.jpg

Navigation processor has 3 connectors:

  1. Antenna
  2. Power
  3. MOST

GPS antenna

GPS Antenna goes to antenna splitter.

Power connector

  • 1 (brown) - Ground (left wheelhouse in luggage compartment)
  • 2 (red/yellow) - Fuse 60 in rear fuse box
  • 5 (blue/black) - MOST wakeup
  • other wires are unused

Comment about blue/black MOST wakeup wire: the wire sits at +12V until a wakeup signal is generated over the CAN-Bus. The blue/black wire momentarily pulses towards 0V for about 0.25 secs but ONLY when the ignition is turned from Off to Accessories or to On which initiates the CAN-Bus wakeup. Note that no wakeup signal is produced when the car is unlocked manually or remotely.

MOST connector

Standard MOST connector is used - MOST 2-pin plug (A0025459040) in MOST 2-pin plug housing (A0015452030).

  • 1 - MOST out
  • 2 - MOST in


Starting navigation

After unlocking the car the MOST network wakes up starting all MOST connected devices including the navigation processor. However, it takes some time for navigation processor to start up. If the "NAVI" button on the COMAND is pressed before navigation processor has fully started up, the "Navigation being activated. Please wait." message will appear on COMAND screen. After navigation processor has started up the COMAND Navigation menu is shown.

"Navigation being activated. Please wait."
COMAND Navigation menu. Appears when clicking on COMAND button "NAVI".

Using map disk for the first time

When the map DVD is inserted for the first time the navigation processor loads software from that disk. The process usually takes less than a minute. This process happens whenever a different version of map DVD is inserted for the first time.

"Loading language English"
"Loading software"

COMAND hidden menus related to navigation

COMAND hidden menu has several menus which show information about navigation processor.

Hardware navigation menu in COMAND hidden menus.
Software navigation menu in COMAND hidden menus.
Disk informations menu in COMAND hidden menus.

Time synchronization using GPS

A satellite symbol is displayed on the status bar if the system uses GPS data (i.e., the navigation unit is present). If time/date information is transmitted by the GPS, the COMAND will not allow to set the date: each time the button is pressed, the time is adjusted in increments of 30 minutes.

Country soft key can only be selected if GPS is used. After Country soft key is pressed the the country list will appear. If a country has multiple time zones, e.g. Canada and USA, you can select the applicable time zone and, if applicable, daylight saving time settings.

COMAND time configuration using satellites.

Installing new navigation unit

Navigation processor remembers last GPS position. Therefore, if you have installed new navigation processor or your vehicle has been transported (e.g. by a car, train or ferry) the system may make navigation announcements which do not correspond to the vehicle’s position. The system needs to redetermine its position. The time required for the system to do so varies from case to case. It may take even half an hour of driving until the navigation unit is able to find satellites and establish its current position.

Unable to read navigation DVD

Common symptom resulting from inability to read map disk is error message "Navigation Wrong version of NAVI DVD in navi unit!" shown on screen some time after navigation processor tries to start up. Navigation firmware does not have separate message for bad read and therefore displays this "wrong version" error message instead.

"Navigation Wrong version of NAVI DVD in navi unit!"

Navigation unavailable

If the navigation processor is connected to MOST network, but after pressing "NAVI" button on COMAND the message "Navigation unavailable" is shown, it could indicate that board of navigation unit is faulty. Common cause for such fault is water damage.

COMAND unavailable

If COMAND does not work and powers down shortly after starting, it could mean that there is break in MOST ring. This could be caused by completely dead navigation processor. Common cause for such fault is water damage. In this case the unit has to be replaced with working one or MOST ring must be closed using MOST loop connector.

No satellites are detected

If map view (after "MAP" button is pressed) shows that 0 satellites are visible, the GPS receiver of the navigation unit might be faulty. However, it has been observed that sometimes 0 satellites are shown even if navigation works fine or when the navigation unit is connected for the first time and it hasn't yet found its position.

Excessive current draw

Faulty navigation unit with map disk stuck may not power off and could drain significant amounts of current thus draining battery. This can be checked using standard parasitic drain detection methods.

Possible faulty unit symptoms

  • Does not recognize current navigation DVD
  • No disk load and eject function
  • Damaging the disk
  • Too loud mechanical noise
  • System hangs after 1h, after reset.
  • Incorrect navigation

Updating navigation processor software

It seems that recent map disks are bundled with the newest navigation software which is updated automatically when a new map disk is inserted. Thus we believe that the following information is not relevant if a recent version of map disk is used.

  1. Please note that if your map disk is old you may need a new disk as the newer navigation processors come with recent navigation firmware installed and this is not compatible with old disks. We believe you will need at least a version 8.0 disk.
  2. Please note that if you are upgrading your map disk from Europe version 3.0 or USA V2004.2 to version 7.0, your navigation unit may need a firmware update to recognize the disk. This is a 5 minute procedure using disk W211589152200. It is not needed for an upgrade to version 9.0 or later. The ISO image of W211589152200 can be found on the Internet using keyword "Nav Service" (36.27MB).
W211589152200 navigation processor update disk case.
W211589152200 navigation processor update disk.
W211589152200 updating instructions.

Disk contents

total 74M
38M   Apr 12 2007  D62x.DB
3.1M  Apr 16 2007  D62Xg32a.DB
1.2M  Apr 16 2007  D62xL.DB
5.6M  Sep 15 2006  E10-40_3067_EU.DB
178K  Dec 22 2004  GPS222.DB
170K  Dec 22 2004  GPS7_A412.DB
17M   Dec 22 2004  LWC_IPS.IPS
10M   Jun  2 2005  SDB_1873b.DB

$ strings D62xL.DB | head
Europa NavTeq Q2/2006 NTG1
Q2_06 NTG1 ECE

$ strings D62Xg32a.DB | head

Files except D62x* are present on all further versions of map disks.

Updating navigation processor firmware

The navigation processor software normally is on the navigation disks itself and therefore updates automatically whenever a new map disk is inserted. However, there are update disk that updates navigation processor firmware and has to be applied using the navigation processor's DVD drive. Navigation processor firmware update disk is W220589042200 (22/03/2006 SW-Rel 1.91).

W220589042200 navigation processor firmware update disk case.
W220589042200 navigation processor firmware update disk.
W220589042200 updating instructions.

Disk contents

total 11M
1.6M  Feb 1 2006  kT024SG01x01.DB
178K  Feb 1 2006  GPS222.DB
3.7M  Feb 1 2006  RBOLO_01-91_S8-56_2067.DB
666K  Feb 1 2006  SDB_1854M8D.DB
4.3M  Feb 1 2006  kT024SG01x01g32f.DB


Navigation unit uses proprietary map disks, which although are made by Navteq (recently bought by HERE (formerly Nokia Maps)) have to be supplied via Mercedes-Benz. Usually a newly released map disk contains a year old map data.


The latest navigation DVD for Europe is Version 15.0 (2014/2015) - part number A2118274665 released March 2014 (price is around EUR 150).

The following countries are included in the disk: Austria, Andorra, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Finland, Germany, Gibraltar, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Monaco, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Republic of San Marino, Romania, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden, Vatican State City.

W220 A2118274665 Europe DVD coverage.png
A2118274665 Navigation DVD with European map.

Note: the disk cover wrongly states that the disk is not compatible with W220.

Disk contents

total 4.4G
5.6M  Sep 15 2006   E10-40_3067_EU.DB
2.0G  Aug 16 2013   ED32t2_0.db_XAC
247M  Aug 16 2013   ED32t2_1.db_XAC
178K  Dec 22 2004   GPS222.DB
170K  Dec 22 2004   GPS7_A412.DB
1.4G  Sep 10 2013   kN132EUx20G32a.DB_GDB
685M  Sep 10 2013   kN132EUx20La.DB_LIT
17M   Dec 22 2004   LWC_IPS.IPS
10M   Jun  2 2005   SDB_1873b.DB
455   Sep 10 2013   W211_High_ECE_E10-40_3067_kN132_13372.md5

$ strings kN132EUx20La.DB_LIT | head
Europa NavTeq Q2/2013 NTG1
Q2_13 NTG1 ECE

$ strings kN132EUx20G32a.DB_GDB | head

Version history

Version Part Number MB Part Number Map Version
Version 3.0 B67823341 A2118275259
Version 4.0 B67823369 A2118276759
Version 4.1 B67823395 A2118278159
Version 5.0 B6 782 3489 A2118276859
Version 5.1 B6 782 3627 A2118279359
Version 6.0 (2007) B67823659 A2118279559
Version 7.0 (2007/2008) B67823855 A2118271065
Version 7.0 Platinum B67823879 Spain/Portugal Only
Version 8.0 (2008) B67823886 A2118271565
Version 9.0 (2008/2009) B67823887 A2118272164
Version 10.0 (2009/2010) N/A A2118272465 Oct 2009
Version 11.0 (2010/2011) N/A A2118273365 Jun 2010
Version 12.0 (2011/2012) N/A A2118273965 Jul 2011
Version 13.0 (2012/2013) N/A A2118274265 Aug 2012
Version 14.0 (2013/2014) N/A A2118274565 Aug 2013
Version 15.0 (2014/2015) N/A A2118274665 Mar 2014 2013 Q2 (15/08/2013)
Version 16.0 (2015/2016) N/A A2118270001 Jun 2015
Version 17.0 (2016/2017) N/A A2118270401
Version 18.0 (2017/2018) N/A A2118270701
Version 19.0 (2018/2019) N/A A2118270901

North America