WIS 82.85 Navigation and Communication System (CNS, ICS, COMAND, FleetBoa) A40/3

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Description – D2B COMAND and COMAND-APS with MOST

The COMAND or Cockpit Management aNd Data System with MOST or Media Oriented System Transport is the post W220 Update (from 2003-09-01) operating, display and control unit (A40/3) and is the central component in the COMAND system. It contains a video capable color Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) display for showing information such as operating menus, map data for the navigation system and the TV screen.





Some functions can also be activated using the multi-function steering wheel buttons. In this case all steering wheel button operations which affect the COMAND are sent first of all from the Steering Column (N80) to the Instrument Cluster (A1) in the form of CAN messages and then to the COMAND display unit (A40/3).

The digital components of the COMAND system are linked to each other over a bus system. The bus is a fibre optic ring, so if any device on it is disconnected or fails, the ring is broken and the system does not work. In addition to the fibre optic ring there is an electrical 'wake-up' signal which causes the devices on the fibre optic bus to wake up their electronics - without this the devices would all need their fibre-optic electronic circuits powered up all the time which would drain the battery.

W220 COMAND Outline.JPG

Universal Handy Interface (UHI)

On later models M-B introduced the Universal Handy Interface (UHI).

UHI is a Motorola designed universal interface for mobile phone use (Motorola, Nokia, Siemens AG, Sony Ericsson, Samsung) in Mercedes-Benz cars.

The mobile phone is placed in a cradle connected to a telephone network unit and operated using the buttons on the multi-function steering wheel. It is controlled by COMAND, a Motorola operating system which also allows SMS messages to be read and edited on the existing dashboard display. Reference Wikipedia article on Universal Handy Interface.

COMAND Versions

COMAND - All Versions

There is an excellent document available which aims to explain all the different types of COMAND system fitted by Mercedes Benz to its passenger vehicles in Europe. The North American COMAND systems are different and are briefly covered, however there is little information about North American COMAND here. The Japanese COMAND system is completely different and is not covered here at all.

It has been prepared by Mercupgrades.com. A company specialising in adding extra options to your Mercedes Benz. There is information about COMAND retrofits, reversing cameras, Blue-Tooth adapters etc for W220 and all other models of M-B. Refer here: http://www.mercupgrades.com/comand+++all+about+the+different+mercedes+comand+systems-article-54.html

D2B COMAND - Pre-update (up to 2003-08-31)

  • The original COMAND (D2B) system was fitted up until 2003-08-31, when it was replaced by COMAND-APS with MOST (NTG1).
  • The original D2B COMAND system has CDROM, the later COMAND-APS with MOST is DVD based. The newer system uses completely different technology to the older D2B COMAND system.

COMAND-APS with MOST- Post Update (from 2003-09-01)

  • NTG1 was the first DVD based system fitted to the W211 E class, the CLS class, the old W220 S Class and W215 CL Class, the SL and the SLK. The D2B fibre optic network was replaced with a new faster fibre optic system called MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport) which in theory could carry video. The navigation processor was separate and in the boot (trunk) of the car. The AGW (amplifier, tuner and diagnostic interface) is also part of this setup and it is a separate hidden unit in the boot or under the passenger feet in the SLK.
  • NTG2 was then introduced for the A/B/C/CLK/ML/R/GL vehicles, the navigation DVD was then in the head unit.
  • MCS II (MOST - NTG2) New Telematics Generation 2 (NTG2) is the name given to this generation of MOST. The main difference for NTG2 as compared to NTG1 is that the head unit and the AGW are contained within one unit. The Audio Gate Way (AGW) Control Unit (N93/1) is also installed as an interface between the CAN B (Interior) Bus and the Media Oriented System Transport (MOST). The audio signals are sent to the AGW (N93/1) and then to the vehicle speakers.


COMAND - Later Versions

  • NTG3 was then introduced in the new W221 S and W216 CL vehicles, with an internal hard disk for the map and Bluetooth phone support in the head unit. A separate rotary controller is used to control the NTG3 unit
  • NTG4 was then introduced for the W204 C class, which is a cost reduced NTG3.
  • And NTG2.5 has been introduced for Model Year 2009 vehicles, which has a built in hard disk, bluetooth, and no separate controller.

Positively Differentiating D2B COMAND and COMAND-APS with MOST

You can tell for sure by looking at one of the connectors (there is one at each of your components on the fiber optic loop).

  • Both types of connectors may be straight or curved.
  • D2B connectors have a red and a white plastic lens, both raised and prominent.
  • MOST connectors have two white lenses that are slightly recessed, and also have small arrows designating the direction of light, and a blue release for the ends of the cable.

Male Connector - D2B COMAND

D2B COMAND Male Connector.JPG

Male Connector - COMAND-APS with MOST

COMAND-APS with MOST Male Connector.JPG

The arrow "A" indicates the release, and arrow "B" shows the directional arrows.

Components - COMAND -APS with MOST

The following systems can be controlled centrally using the COMAND system.

  • Radio
  • Cassette Drive
  • Navigation
  • CD Player
  • DVD Player
  • Sound System
  • Telephone
  • Television
  • Voice Control System

Configuration - COMAND -APS with MOST

The components associated with a COMAND with MOST are configured as:

W220 COMAND Configuration.JPG
  • N93 is the Central Gateway Control Unit (CGW). It is located clipped to the driver’s side under-dashboard cover, just above one’s knees. It communicates to the AGW via the CAN-B Bus. CAN (Controller Area Network) B or Interior CAN (also known as body CAN) has a communication speed of 83 kbps.
  • N93/1 is the Audio Gateway Control Unit (AGW). The AGW contains the Tuner (radio), the MOST fibre optic controller and the diagnostic interface The AGW talks to all the other COMAND sub modules via the Optical Fibre in the form of a ‘Fibre Optic Ring’.
  • A40/3 is the COMAND operating, display and controller unit or Head Unit. (Data Card Code 527 COMAND DVD APS with Navigation)
  • N41/1 is the navigation computer and is located in the trunk, left.
  • A2/6 is the CD Changer and is located in the trunk, left. (Data Card Code 819 CD Changer)
  • A2/10 is the TV Tuner and is located in the trunk, left. (Data Card Code 860 TV-Tuner Analog)
  • A35/1 is the Hands free system control module (Bluetooth).
  • A35/11 is the Voice Control System control module. (Data Card Code 390 Linguatronic-English)
  • A2/3 is the sound amplifier and is located in the trunk, left.
  • A34/4 is the CTEL interface. (Data Card Code 380 Portable CTEL Preparation Assembly)
  • N112 is the Telecommunications control module.
  • N123/1 is the Universal Portable Cell Phone Interface or UPCI.

Switch-on/off Function – COMAND -APS with MOST

Opening the driver’s door automatically activates the navigation system for a minimum of 30 minutes. The display in the COMAND remains switched off until the Ignition Switch is turned to position 2. Pressing the COMAND On/Off button only switches the Display.

Issues – COMAND with MOST

Note If a component is removed from the fiber optic bus without connecting the fiber optic leads that went to the component (see posts 7 and 8, http://www.benzworld.org/forums/audi...ow-bypass.html), the entire system will shut down. The loop must be closed with a bypass coupler - posts 7 and 8, http://www.benzworld.org/forums/audi...ow-bypass.html.

Part Numbers – COMAND with MOST

The COMAND-APS with MOST has 3 part numbers on the label - what do they mean?

W220 Part Numbers – COMAND with MOST.JPG

The first part number is the unit itself, the second is normally the audio-gateway if the unit contains one, and the third is the software initially installed on the audio-gateway.

Antenna System

COMAND Multimedia interface

Connects2 CT90-MC04

Aftermarket COMAND replacements

Rear view camera