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Template for W220 Wiki Articles

WIS 00 Overall Vehicle General Information

WIS 01 Engine, Cylinder Head and Crankshaft Housing, Oil Pan

WIS 03 Crank Assembly

WIS 05 Engine Timing

WIS 07 Mixture formation

WIS 09 Air Intake, Turbocharging

  • WIS 09.10 Air Filter
  • WIS 09.20 Intake manifold, Intake Manifold Preheater
  • WIS 09.30 Intake Air Preheater
  • WIS 09.40 Turbocharger
  • WIS 09.40 Compressor

WIS 14 Exhaust mainfold, engine brake, emission control system

WIS 15 Electrical System, Engine

WIS 18 Oil pump, Oil Filter, Oil Cooler

WIS 20 Engine Cooling System

WIS 22 Engine Mounts / Suspension

WIS 27 Automatic Transmission

WIS 30 Regulation, Speed Control System

WIS 32 Suspension

WIS 33 Front Axle

WIS 35 Rear Axle

WIS 40 Wheels, Wheel Alignment Check

WIS 41 Propeller/Drive Shaft

WIS 42 Brakes – Hydraulics and Mechanical Components

WIS 46 Steering

WIS 47 Fuel System

WIS 49 Exhaust System

WIS 54 Electrical System, Equipment and Instruments

WIS 58 Tools and Accessories

WIS 67 Windshield and Windows

WIS 68 Interior Equipment

WIS 72 Doors

WIS 77 Sliding Roof, Soft Top, Mountings

WIS 80 Central Locking, Convenience Feature, Drive Authorization System

WIS 82 Electrical System

WIS 83 Climate Control

WIS 88 Detachable Body Components, Exterior Flaps

WIS 90 Paintwork

  • WIS 90.00 General
  • WIS 90.10 Paintwork Metal Surface
  • WIS 90.20 Paintwork Plastic Surface
  • WIS 90.30 Paint Care

WIS 91 Seats, Bunks, Restraint Systems